will my travel vlogs make a comeback?

brain dump on my travel vlogs and my life changes over the last year or so



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oh hi

so i used to make some travel videos here


initially just named @alubhorta which i later changed

but whatever

how did it start in the first place?

i got inspired by travel vloggers – who travel around and share their experiences as videos

it took a while, but i finally decided to give it a shot

near the end of 2022 when i quit my job and went on a solo trip to india

making videos throughout my journey – and giving myself a new identity or label


the whole experience was transformative, and i’m glad i decided to go thru it all – the ups and downs included


after trying out ‘travel vlogging’, i realized i don’t enjoy it as much as i thought i would

in short, the best moments in travel and life in general are not recorded and shared

most people aren’t comfortable being in front of a camera, or certainly change how they interact with you

i compared my experience with and without taking a camera when doing things or going places

the difference is HUGE!

so, i chose to just live, and keep the camera and gadgets away (most of the time)


so no more vlogs here?

hmm, idk

i plan on starting to upload videos regularly again, but probably not the kind i was making

i don’t know exactly what will happen, or which route i will take

but i can tell you this for sure

i will start making videos again, consistently

for now i want to keep it simple and just make it like a video journal

containing my thoughts, challenges, goals, what i’m going through, anything interesting or whatever

you’ll see in time where it goes

i’m glad you are here already reading about my confusing life

a lot of shit has happened since my last video

i got into freelancing – which provided me quite a bit of freedom and flexibility in the way i make a living

though i was not handed down to me. i had to grind through rejections and struggles that anyone who has started freelancing knows

in about 8 months, i was rewarded Top Rated status as a Freelance DevOps Engineer by UpWork

anyhow, freelancing showed me that i don’t have to risk it all in one job, and could get new clients and earn money if i had the skill and was willing to put the work in

i also undertook some fitness challenges – including reaching below 10% body fat, getting into calisthenics, and finding ways to stay fit while traveling, etc.

i started writing random blogs on my website alubhorta.com

i traveled to and lived in thailand for about 2 months near the end of 2023, which was an amazing experience – loved the place and the people

and my latest obsession is making music, which i got started under an artist name VOIOD after i broke out of my habits at home and started traveling in thailand – check it out at voiod.com

i’m back in bangladesh now


very recently i’m going through some critical family issues which i may or may not share in the future

that’s about a high level summary of my life since last year

though i probably forgot about a lot of other shit

but anyways

that’s about all i have to share for now

thank you for watching reading

see you soon


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