My Public Commitment to Reach 10% Body Fat in 4 Weeks

No More Excuses: I am fat and I’m going to do something about it


Why is it so hard to stay fit?

I’m tired of being fat. So, I’m challenging myself to reach below 10% body fat within the next four weeks.

If I fail, I will pay the price.

Can I make it happen?


Our bodies affect everything else in our lives, but we rarely pay attention to it.

The formula to get fit is simple:

Eat, sleep, and work out regularly.

Yet, most people are not fit.

Staying consistent is the hard part.

I, like many others, am not satisfied with my current level of fitness.

I have always wanted to build a Greek god-like physique with shredded six-pack abs.

But I never actually made it happen.

Even though I started and restarted the journey many times, I didn’t stick through.

I procrastinated.

I made excuses.

I was not consistent.

I let life get in the way, lost discipline, and returned back to where I started, or worse, got even fatter.

Why am I not fit?

Why is it that so many of us struggle with our bodies?

I believe this is because, for most of us, the reason to get fit isn’t important enough.

If it were important enough, you would not make excuses.

For example, if someone pointed a gun at the person you love the most (say your mom) and demanded you get fit or your loved one dies, would you procrastinate?

Of course not (unless you are a psychopath).

Since that situation above hasn’t happened to me yet (thankfully), I’m going to create my situation.

I’ve had enough.

Time to let go of limiting beliefs and excuses.

The time to change starts now.

I am challenging myself.

This is my public commitment

I will reach below 10% body fat within the next 4 weeks (by 6th August 2023).

If I fail, I will buy $100 worth of cigarettes to my disgrace and give them away to random people.

If I succeed, I will donate $100 to a non-profit named Valo Kajer Hotel that feeds homeless people for free everyday.

For context, I don’t smoke, and I HATE the smell of cigarettes. I never understood why people pay money to inhale toxic fumes that ruin their lungs and give them a higher chance of cancer. If you ever tried to smoke near me, you know that I either didn’t stay around or gave you a hard time. In short, I despise smoking. So, giving people cigarettes is the last thing I want to do.

On the flip side, I’d be glad to donate to a charity or non-profit like Valo Kajer Hotel. I have seen them first hand distributing free food to the poor and homeless on the side of the street. It moved me. More about them later.

I’m currently at around 18.2% body fat (measured by 3-site Jackson-Pollock algorithm) and have never been able to stay under 15%.

You can follow my daily body fat measurements on this spreadsheet.

A commitment is a powerful tool. When there’s a price to pay, we are more likely to take action. The fear of failure or public humiliation is also a great motivator. So let me use it.

You are the witness.


While the formula to get fit is simple, following it every day is hard.

This post marks a change in my life.

This is my promise to improve.

For on my deathbed, I want to look back and remember that I chose to be the best version of myself.

No matter how many times I fail, I will try again.

And again.

And again.

Until my last breath.

Sharing this publicly forces accountability.

And I AM fully responsible for my life and those around me.

If you want to get fit or follow me on this journey, you’re most welcome! Subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed.

Enough talk. Time to take action.

Show up, every single day.

Rise and grind.


Donate to Valo Kajer Hotel

Please consider donating to Valo Kajer Hotel if you can.


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