i’m killing my baby – RIP techmormo

goodbye to the old, let the new begin


it’s a sad day

but a necessary one

i’m letting go of a brand, site & platform i created for DevOps education: techmormo.com

it started off as a single blog post in mid 2020

then wrote more blogs

decided to start making videos on youtube (youtube.com/@techmormo)

and the catalog grew randomly and sporadically

as i was not fully committed and was not making content consistently

positive responses and growth encouraged me, and i saw potential for monetizing it

but i was still not serious about it

as i evolved, quit jobs, solo traveled across countries and started freelancing

i became less and less passionate about devops or teaching tech

and more interested in other creative pursuits like music, business, fitness etc.


i’ve realized that trying to revive a dead horse is useless

and takes away from my time, energy and focus

so, i’d rather fail fast and move on

move on to things i’m actually passionate about

and that’s how i can make the most impact and best use of my limited yet precious time on this planet

about 6 months ago, i had made the following commitment on this blog

In 6 months (by May 1, 2024), Techmormo will have at least 3 courses published and have earned over $2k in total revenue from courses. If I fail to make it happen within this deadline, I will give away the TechMormo.com domain.

it’s 12th april 2024 today

i’ve created course outlines, wrote scripts and even edited several videos


it just doesn’t feel right

it feels like this ain’t me anymore


i’m throwing in the towel i’ll let it go and move on

i failed to meet this commitment, and i’m going to keep my word

i will give away the domain techmormo.com to the highest bidder (reach out if you’re interested)

i take this decision, not in a sense that i’m an absolute failure and doomed to be that forever

but instead as

a change and a shift in a different direction that aligns with who i am now and who i want to be

i’ll be announcing a HUGE commitment next, and a hefty price to pay ie. literally everything i have

more on that on the next blog


update: 19.4.24

i’ve given away the domain for only $5 in the namecheap marketplace (the minimum price one can sell a domain for)


i’ve realized trying to extract a few $ more ain’t worth the time and attention – given it’s a dead horse

so, i paid the price and moved on

to above and beyond

let’s go!

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