how focus can make you rich

why & how singular focus makes you rich + what i’m focusing on now



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why focus on 1?

i realized that most of the breakthroughs i’ve made so far were the result of consistent focused action towards 1 thing

and 1 thing only

whenever i started doing 10 different things ie. usually very often 😐

i don’t make any significant progress in any

i’ve known this for a long time, but as humans

we’re naturally wired to chase the next shiny thing

fuck that

cuz that ain’t me getting any results

to bring about real change towards a future me that i want to be

i need to focus

focus on 1 thing

and keep taking action towards it

no matter how long it takes

i’ll go the distance

i’ve decluttered a lot of bs from my life

so that i could, yes, again



focus on VOIOD

instead of managing many different brands, i’ll keep it simple

and just use 1

i decided to get better at making music and content


i realized they provide the biggest forms of leverage today

while being very creative, flexible and powerful skills to master

how it relates to money 💰

money is earned in 2 simple steps

  1. get attention (GA)
  2. monetize attention (MA)

i phrase it as GAMA


by building a brand, around who i am

i can build an audience ie. GA

then, i could solve their problems

by building or recommending products ie. MA

easy right?

fuck no

but once it takes off and you start to grow


you’ll see in time

the best part is – no competition

no one can compete with you on being you

so be you

the fucked up, but authentic you

and i’ll continue to be me

and we’ll meet again on the other side

good luck!

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