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my brain dump on current situation & what i’m going to do moving forward ie. biz!



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there’s been a lot of ups and downs in my life lately

tbh more downs than i thought. but i choose to turn them around and figure out how can i use them for my growth

this ain’t a ranting post

but one i need to get off my chest

an announcement, and the price to pay

i was trying to revive a dead horse with techmormo – the platform i wanted to build to teach and educate about devops and cutting edge tech

while i was deeply in love with devops and progressing up the career as an engineer

but over time i evolved

my passion for that path dried up

i kept trying to go back and make myself create content and courses

several of which i did, but didn’t publish


it just didn’t connect with me

so, instead of wasting time and will on a lost cause

i decided to cut the tie and move on

move on to other things i’m passionate about

move on to things that i can create the biggest impact in the world

and get rewarded at scale

which is by building businesses & creating music, for now

of course these will take time to flourish and generate revenue

but i’m willing to put in the time and work needed to make it happen

music, first of all, is the most powerful form of communication and art that i know of

it helps me express myself in a way that i otherwise don’t know how

i’m currently making music at

and when being able to create a living from music will become a reality, in the soon future

i’d be grateful and continue improving and sharing my music with the world

business, esp. software or SaaS is of particular interest to me

as the products and services i build can be distributed and used by people from all over the world, which is difficult with physical products

being a programmer or engineer myself definitely gives me an edge in this domain

and thus, is a conscious choice

accepting payments was the biggest hurdle initially, since stripe or paypal etc. aren’t available in my country (bangladesh) natively yet

but, there’s always a way

maybe it costs a bit more to start off

so did setup a llc in usa

and got access to stripe


now for building things people want and need, and as a result, getting paid in scale

i should probably create a commitment and announcement of launching a new product every month, at least, if not in an even shorter interval like a week or 2 weeks

maybe that’s the next post

but yeah

right now, all the things and the personal, family issues aside

i have less than $200 on my active bank account

had somewhat of a savings

but an urgent family crisis called, so…

well, not even a factor

i’m going to build and launch products so fine that money starts flowing in like rain

i’m saying it before i make it

because it’s gonna happen

i know it is

i believe.

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